Top Accounting and Bookkeeping Software for Freelancers

Freelancers are busy people with deadline commitments to fulfill for hungry clients who often need their work back urgently. Having access to the best accounting and bookkeeping software is essential, and most freelancers prefer out-of-the-box solutions that not only tie in with their workloads but which are also feature-rich, straightforward, and affordable.

The examples of top accounting and bookkeeping software for freelancers provided below show that there are numerous free alternatives to market-leading paid products such as QuickBooks. Each platform has a range of attractive features and benefits.

While there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all accounting and bookkeeping package, freelancers still have a range of available options based on the following factors:

  • Price and Ease-of-Use
  • Reporting Functionality
  • Mobile Access and Features
  • Customer Support
  • Integration with 3rd Party Apps


Marketed as a free alternative to QuickBooks, Wave is 100% free and run by entrepreneurs. Cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping are accessible to freelancers through an easy sign-up process which takes little more than a minute. Users can also scan receipts, track their expenses and even accept credit card payments on a handy pay-as-you-go basis.

Particularly suited to sole traders, Wave also offers a free solution for consultants and small business with up to 10 employees who might need assistance with their payroll needs.

xTuple PostBooks

This free open source software is a fully-featured and 100% integrated business management system designed to run in the cloud or on local servers. The standard accounting and bookkeeping elements are user-friendly, particularly the bank reconciliation and ledger sheet features. Freelancers benefit from a simple, easy-to-use interface.

But what sets xTuple PostBooks apart from its competing software is fully-integrated CRM, sales, and inventory management, making it perfect not just for freelancers and entrepreneurs, but also for those who work with suppliers and service providers.


This free downloadable software lists as many as 42 different features on the company home page and claims to be the most comprehensive free accounting software available. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, Manager is much more than just another platform. It supports a range of languages, local currencies, local tax codes, local date formats and, perhaps most importantly of all, tax reporting for specific countries.

This makes Manager a top accounting and bookkeeping software for freelancers who outsource their workload to service providers at home and overseas.


Distributed under general public license as free and open source accounting and bookkeeping software, TurboCASH helps freelancers to keep on top of the financial side of their businesses with three major differences; a growing community of some 100,000 members, availability in 25 languages and as many as 80 local tax codes.

Freelancers benefit from a general ledger which deals with creditors and debtors, full stock control features, invoicing, VAT accounting and bank reconciliation. Complete reporting and analysis are available too, for everybody from sole traders to multi-company users.


This downloadable personal and small business software is a top accounting and bookkeeping software choice for freelancers needing a high-power solution without the hassles of a complicated interface. Highlighted features include double-entry accounting, reports and graphs, scheduled transactions and a useful checkbook-style register.

Released in 1998, GnuCash is a continually upgraded software with advanced multiple currencies and mutual fund portfolio features for the more experienced user. The software is free, but freelancers are invited to make a donation to support future development.

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