Review of AccountEdge Accounting Software

AccountEdge is a small-business accounting software. One of the most comprehensive tools in this segment, the 2017 edition comes with a few major and other small tweaks to make the software even more comprehensive, mature and flexible. Few can stand up to AccountEdge’s business accounting capability barring Sage 50c, Zoho Books, and Wave to some extent. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Mobile application as well as Cloud based remote Web Services.

Its capability to handle a plethora of functions like contact records, sales, and purchases records, inventory, and payrolls make it stand out among competitors. This has also turned the recent preferences from online-only accounting services to AccountEdge, for the divide in capability is too high.

What’s new: A variety of new features have come to the fore in 2017 edition; there is a personalized interface for attaching UPS shipping facility at a click of a button, Web Pay, customizable email templates for payment receipts and invoices, lead management system and many more interface enhancements.

UserXperience (UX): There’s a unanimous feeling over how exceptional the screen-space management is in AccountEdge. The most important tools are snugly fit in the right places. Recent activities are linked to, in the vertical toolbar on the right side. Main features of the business unit are available on the upper toolbar, like banking, billing, etc. Various other drop-down menus are present at the bottom that further simplify navigation.

User Interface (UI): Although the 2017 edition maintains the fresh outlook of its previous edition, some of its other competitors like Zoho Books and Wave are more appealing aesthetically.

Services Overview: Banking features include spending/receiving money, reconciling accounts, preparing bank deposits. Especially the new payment method, where the company can download credit and bank statements to set up direct money transfers, is a revelation.

The Remote Access it provides through password-protected website accessibility is a highly helpful feature in the current dynamic environment. But the downside is the limited features available in its cloud-based web service.

The Reporting is without a doubt the best-in-class, and with the inclusion of new profitability reporting, it’s gone up a notch.

Inventory records is another of its strongholds due to its thoroughness. Uses a convention termed as ‘cards.’ These refer to contact records. Extremely robust and detailed in nature, these allow for balances to be displayed on it as well as allow for direct transactions with the customers. Creating personalized letters, setting reminders are also extremely handy when it comes to managing customer records.

Pricing: The pricing for the current edition of AccountEdge Pro remains the same, at $399 for the first user and $249 thereafter, per user. It also comes with the package of 5 users for $999. Comparatively Sage 50c Premium stands at $1609 for 5 users, so this stands AccountEdge in good stead in economic viability.

Simply put, AccountEdge 2017 is the best small-business accounting tool there is, in the market. Few can withstand the multi-platform availability, exhaustiveness in the accounting modules its simplified user experience, the smooth user interface, the rigorous reporting, record maintainence, flexibility and what not.

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