Nolapro Accounting Software Review

Nolapro accounting software by Noguska LLC runs under PHP and MySQL. Initially, it was released as a proprietary free software. The company wanted to create a cheaper alternative to other software like Quickbooks, which are relatively more costly. Originally, the software did not have many features and only performed basic functions.

In 2016 however, the company made what is now its biggest milestone yet. They released Nolapro version 6. The new version has a new web interface and over 5000 improvements from its previous version. In the same year, it received a rating of 5 stars out of 5 stars from CNet editors. Naturally, as a company owner, your question is, is the software as good as they say and what does it have to offer your business?


You obviously know that businesses are like children, although they may seem to be at the same level and age group, they are all uniquely different. You want your business to have its own special accounting methods. It is difficult to make one business conform to the standards of another business’ accounting methods especially if they are in different industries.

NolaPro accounting software, unlike most of the other accounting software in the industry, allows its source code to be procured by companies. Companies can, therefore, use it to create their own unique ERP system. They system can, in turn, integrate perfectly into the applications of the business. This means that it can be used for accounting proposes by all business in all industries.

The customizable feature does not just stop at making it fit into your business; it also stretches to the fact that it is a multi-currency software. If your business handles more than one currency and you need to put the different exchange rates into consideration, you do not have to worry.

For your many international companies, you will also enjoy the fact that it is translated into many languages. You will, therefore, find a software that is suitable for each country your company is located in.

It is cross platform

Most of the commercially available accounting software in the industry take time to integrate to certain operating systems. To some of the older systems like Linux, they do not integrate at all. With Nolapro you can rest easy. It allows you to easily integrate it to any Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac operating system. It uses the backend of MySQL and can easily be accessed through a browser.

Customer care

If for any reason your software stops working as it should, you do not want to deal with unresponsive customer care representatives. You will be glad to know that NolaPro customer care services are available 24/7 both on call and by email. This means you can easily get help if you are having issues with the system you have installed. The representatives are also knowledgeable so you will not be kept on hold as you wait for another person to attend to you.


NolaPro accounting software is a great addition to any company. Other than the fact that it has add-ons that need to be paid for, it is a great software.

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