The Best Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud accounting is a platform where you can access data from anytime, anywhere and from any location using an Internet connection. This way, business owners can stay connected to their accounts without relying upon any expensive software. All that is needed is a subscription to the cloud accounting software. Unlike traditional software, cloud accounting software is less expensive, and there is no complication of keeping backups. This method is secure, less time consuming, easy and doesn’t require any software updating. Few of the best cloud accounting software in 2017 are given below.

1. HD Accounts and billing

HD Accounts and billing is a highly rated cloud accounting software that enables a business owner to do billing, detailed stock management, financial accounting, etc. This software provides multiple options to customize your bills or invoices to your own design. Other unique functions such as bar code printing, options to start our own online website, etc., are available other than basic cloud accounting features.

2. Reach

Reach is an Indian-based cloud accounting software that aims small and medium business owners. Free software has fewer features compared to the paid version but not bad either. Other key features are warehouse management, purchase, inventory management and consumption tracking, invoices, sales tracking, barcode scanning, etc. The software has multiple platforms such as iOS and Android which makes it easily accessible.

3. Zipbooks

Zipbooks is again a highly rated cloud accounting software that provides us with basic features such as essential accounting, inventory, sales and purchase features. The paid version of this software is highly cost-effective compared to other cloud accounting software. It has additional features such as financial data and accounting reports, inventory control system, stock movement tracking and facility of purchase returns and debit notes.

4. ProfitBooks

ProfitBooks is simple, fast and suitable for small business. It helps a person to handle invoices, expenses, and inventory without even having an accounting background. Some additional key features of ProfitBooks are HR and payroll, multi-user login which is a paid feature in few other software, taxation management, banking integration, etc. The pricing is slightly higher but affordable.

5. Bean Cruncher

Apart from the general features of any cloud accounting software, Bean Cruncher has additional features such as handling general ledger, banking, taxes, job tracking, and consolidated reporting. The paid private cloud feature provides real-time pivot table reports. This software is designed for construction companies, trades, professionals, science and high-tech firms and health care services.

6. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a self-explanatory software, hence, very easy to use. All the basic features such as accounting, inventory management, banking, taxation management, reports, invoicing, payments, etc. can be done using this software swiftly. QuickBooks is suitable for small-scale as well as large-scale businesses

7. Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is 100% free and secure software, and all the works are accountant-verified. This software possesses project management features other than basic accounting. This software has the facility for multi-currency accounting. It also works effectively on iOS and Android platforms.

Finally, finding the perfect software requires knowledge regarding the type of work, the importance of work, status of business, deadline and the total budget.

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