Best Accounting Software for Restaurants: Part 2 of 2

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And now for the second part…

Quickbooks Online

This is another highly-rated accounting software that is good for your restaurant. It is known to be very convenient and fast in its operations. This software allows you to put your restaurant logos on your invoices, which is a good marketing strategy and generate them on your mobile using the mobile app.

You and your employees can have access to it, and all of you can work from the same data set. It gives you an option to limit the amount of information accessible to them, reducing fraudulent activity and enhancing the security of your data. It is very flexible, allowing you to check your financial operations from anywhere using the mobile app while allowing you to revisit and continue from your last visit. Here, you do not have to worry about losing data because it’s backed up and it can be synchronized with other applications, giving you a wholesome restaurant management.

Xero Software

This software has amazing features. Apart from the basic activities of managing your invoices, quotes, inventory and bank reconciliation, it helps you pay your employees. With restaurants having more casual than permanent staff, labor turnover is something you want to be in control of. With this feature, it helps you calculate and generate their payrolls and manage the taxes that come with it. It is also important, especially during tipping. If the tip in included in the bill, you need to know exactly how much is being deducted from your income into the payroll.

The software can be connected to 500 plus additional applications, depending on the needs of the restaurant, generate customized purchase orders, and better still schedule and make bulk payments to your suppliers. With its mobile application, you can always keep an eye on your restaurant from just anywhere.

Zoho Books

This is also a well-rated accounting software that is ideal for restaurants. It helps you to organize your expenses into billable and non-billable sections, it has purchase and sales order features, invoice and inventory management and it captures your transactions with just a click of a button. An additional feature you may want to know is that you can link it up with your bank account. With this feature, it imports transactions from your account saving you data entry time. It also helps you keep track of your cash movements.

It has a client portal that provides an opportunity for customer feedback. Customers can share their experiences, and you get to know areas that need improvement. It is also a social media site that you can use to promote you business. In case of customers that require outside catering, you can give them a quote, and they can pay partially or even in bulk.

With these options available for you, start that restaurant with one of the best restaurant accounting options, and if you already have a restaurant, install one and watch your restaurant grow!

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