The Basics of Zoho Books Accounting Software

As any small business owner or accounting professional can attest to, the importance of having accurate, reliable, and thorough accounting practices cannot be overstated. Once upon a time, businesses made use of accounting books and spreadsheets, but in today’s technology driven world, businesses are making the shift to transfer their slower and less reliable accounting methods to electronic ones instead. This is one of the reasons why there have been numerous new accounting software programs that seem to be flooding the software market. Software developers are also scrambling to accommodate the needs of the ever increasing number of new business entrepreneurs, many of whom start their businesses online and who are already tech-savvy.

In fact, there is such a variety of accounting software programs available that choosing the best can sometimes be a task in itself. There is one software program, however, which consistently is given very high ratings and frequent recommendations by IT professionals and consumers alike and it is called Zoho Books Accounting Software. This software is designed for the small business owner or at home accounting professional and allows you to handle all your accounting needs including invoicing, inventory, and bookkeeping. A closer look at some of the features that Zoho Books offers gives us a better idea why this particular accounting software stands out amongst the others.

Ease-of-use and Basic Functionality

One of the biggest reasons why Zoho Books is so popular is because of the simplicity of its design and the ease with which even a novice can master its functioning. The user interface and dashboard are clean and uncluttered and the menu and sidebar are also set up in a logical and organized way. In fact, the dashboard can be entirely customized to suit your personal preferences, and there are several view options, all of which are simple and visually appealing. Many of the basic functions, such as invoicing, for example, can be entirely automated and other accounting tasks can be systematically handled, too, saving you lots of time and streamlining your workflow. There are also built-in widgets for most of the accounting functions, and you can even view your financial performance with an at-a-glance flowchart that allows you to assess and compare your finances using different metrics quickly.


Another reason for the popularity of Zoho Books software is its affordable price. Zoho Books Software is a fully functioning suite of features that cover the entire range of tasks most commonly used by small business owners or home accountants and includes an unlimited number of users, and even offers a complete and fully loaded mobile app for on the go accounting at the low price of $24 a month. While there are other programs out there that cost less, they also come with limited functionality. For the range of features that Zoho offers, almost every other program would require additional plan upgrades or purchases that quickly add up on top of the bare-bones surface price they advertise. When you consider the package that Zoho provides at its price, the value Zoho offers is unmatched by its competitors.

Customer Support

Should a problem arise that is not easily resolved through the help of Zoho tutorials and help files, Zoho offers a customer support team that is available by phone 24/7, five days a week. If you need to speak to a person and don’t want to wait on hold, you can leave a message with your phone number and a professional and friendly rep will call you back promptly. While the Zoho tutorials and knowledge base are extremely useful and can most likely resolve your issue very easily, having the option to call upon a helpful and knowledgeable live human can prove to be an extremely valuable resource. This then, combined with the simplicity of use and the affordable and cost-effective pricing, are excellent reasons why you might want to consider Zoho Books Accounting Software for your own small business and personal accounting needs.

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