5 Best Online Accounting Software for Self Employed Individuals

Accounting is one of the basics in business whether large or small. It provides information in an organized manner. As technology advances, various accounting software are now available online. Most of them have free trials with limited transactions or all. For self-employed firms like audit firms, consultancy firms, law firms, personal businesses and many others, we shall discuss five best online accounting software for self-employed individuals. We have:

Xero Accounting Software

Xero is a cloud software. It helps payment of bills, sales tracking and accessing bank balances among others. Xero online accounting software for self-employed individuals can track time. Also, it has some financial statements that can assist in reporting. It is cost effective regarding payment and has free trials too. Lastly, it is mobile friendly. It is accessible using Android and iPhone.

Wave Accounting Software

Wave accounting is among a set of finance tools online. It is for small businesses only. It helps payment of bills, invoicing, payroll processing, and receipts. Also, preparation of financial statements and reports is among its advantages. While invoicing through Wave software, you can use your business logo for proper presentation. With this kind of online accounting software for self-employed individuals, you can send invoices via mail. Customers also can pay sent invoices online via credit card though at a small cost. This software is free to use. Also, it is mobile-friendly.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is unique in its way. It has invoicing features, time tracking, and time sheets to show work done. Also, the entries done manually follows double entry in accounting. Sometimes manual entries need to be done for reconciliation and correction of errors. The business accountant does the entries. Permissions in the system should be useful for any employee who needs to use the software to assist in confidentiality. At an extra cost, Zoho has invoicing app, CRM app, and many others. It has 30 days free trial.

Kashoo Accounting Software

It is an easy online accounting software for self- employed individuals. However, it is not mobile-friendly but contains an application for iPad users. Kashoo provides options for entering payments, invoices, income and expenses for entered invoices. You can also register bank transfers, print checks, adjustments and do bank reconciliations. You can track inventory, enter customer and vendor listing, and income and expense accounts. Importing of data from spreadsheets or other sources is allowed.

FreshBooks Online Accounting Software

FreshBooks accounting was launched first in the year 2003. It is very easy to use. It is capable of processing different kinds of financial reports which can be exported as CSV format and therefore readable in Excel. It is mobile-friendly. It assists business manage time, expenses and sends branded professional invoices. It helps receive payments online too via credit card, cash and may other ways. It is free for a business with less than three clients and 30$ for a small business with customer base above three. It has a free trial of 30 days.

Conclusion: If you are in self-employment, choose among the software, and being in business will be easy. You will have decent accounting options and efficient and secure accounting models. Just log into any of the above online accounting software for self-employed individual businesses, and I guarantee you will not resist these.

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